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Become a Director

Are you looking for something to do to make a little extra money or need a hobby that you enjoy, either way, becoming a preliminary director is a great way to do both!

We are currently looking for County Prelim Directors! Do you have a love for pageantry and a desire to run your own business? As a preliminary director you will be responsible for organizing a your own pageant as well as sending your queens to the Little Miss Alabama State Pageant!

Please DO NOT take more areas than you can handle, we expect you to work with your QUEENS all year long to promote our State Pageant in public appearances, parades, charity events etc. 

What you will be responsible for:

  • Finding a date and location to hold your county prelim.
  • Securing at least 2 - 3 qualified judges for your prelim.
  • Promoting your county prelim.
  • Finding and Recruiting contestants.
  • Obtaining helpers for your pageant, getting your emcee, decorating, all things associated and necessary to put on a successful pageant.
  • Paying the $100.00 fee for your county queens to compete in our State Pageant.
  • Any fees associated with  directing a successful county prelim such as, facility rental, participation awards, sashes, crowns, state entry fee, decorations, etc.
  • Making sure all of your queens attend the state pageant, or filling their position with your 1st or 2nd Alternate otherwise. 

What our office offers you:

  • The State office can and will assist you with support via email and or telephone.
  • Vendor information on where to purchase your crowns, trophies and banners. 
  • Your own website and email address set up and maintained by the state office.  
  • A wonderful State Pageant program for your prelim winners to advance to.
  • You will not be left alone if you feel the need for our help while directing your county pageant.

Pick your Alabama County to Direct Now!

If your area has a Nickname you can use that as your preliminary name as well (i.e. Tri-County, Wiregrass, Circle City, etc.).  You can also use a city name for a prelim (i.e. Dothan, Enterprise, etc.) 

If you are interested in Directing a Preliminary Pageant in your area, please fill out the form below.  We have openings in many Alabama Counties.

We look forward to helping you get your own pageant under way!

Become a Preliminary Director