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Stacy Shannon- Director/Owner

Statewide Pageant Productions
Little Miss Alabama
2341 Little Cove Rd  Hampton Cove, Al 35763

Trademarked & Registered

Admission for adults      $10.00 Each (everyone must pay to get in except the contestant!
Admission for children   $5.00    (6- 12 Years)     5 & Under Free
T-Shirts                        $20.00 Each

(There has been a service charge added to the cost of the pageant fees if you are using paypal) Entry Fee $265.00

Official Little Miss Alabama Entry Form

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Deadline to Enter: Friday November 9, 2018

Please fill out all fields for form to be submitted!

If you are sending payment by mail make checks payable to Statewide Pageants

We will not take checks at the door CASH only!
Refunds are not permitted, unless our pageants are canceled or rescheduled!